Pay in Person

A number of payment agents who can process your bill payment are conveniently located throughout Ohio.

·         Authorized payment agents may charge a consumer fee or require a bill in order to make a payment or process a security deposit.

·         Protect yourself by only using a payment agent authorized by Columbia Gas of Ohio, and always keep your receipt.

Find an authorized payment agent


Pay by Mail


We provide a return envelope in each month’s bill so that you can quickly and easily mail your check or money order to us for payment.


1. Tear off the top portion of your bill and enclose it with your payment so that our address appears in the envelope window.

2. Print your Columbia Gas account number on your check or money order.

3. Allow 5 days for us to receive and process your payment, and we suggest not to send cash through the mail to prevent loss or theft.


If you lost your bill or return envelope…


Please login to check the amount of your bill. Then, include a note with your payment amount, full name and address in an envelope addressed to:


Columbia Gas of Ohio
P.O. Box 742510
Cincinnati, OH 45274-2510