Pay Now

One-time payments

Log in to your account to pay your NIPSCO bill by electronic check for free! No more checks to write, stamps to buy or bills to mail.

The service does not limit you to just one payment, but is different from recurring, automatic monthly payments. For example, you may choose to use the one-time payment option one month, pay by mail or some other method the next month, use the one-time service the following month, and so on.

Although payments won’t post to your account immediately, the process will generate a payment confirmation number. Note: If you make a single payment online, you do not have to report your payment confirmation number again, either online or by phone. The system will note the confirmation number on your account automatically. You can check the status of your payment on the Account Summary screen.


Bill Matrix Payment Service

You can also pay your NIPSCO bill online or by phone through Bill Matrix, one of the industry's most secure electronic transaction environments. No special enrollment is required - just have your 10-digit NIPSCO account number handy when you make the payment. Payments may take 1-2 business days to post.

Pay your bill in full or specify the amount you want to pay that month. There is a $750 limit per transaction for credit/debit card payments and a $10,000 limit for electronic check payments, and a limit of three transactions in five days, a total of five transactions in 30 days. Payments take a minimum of two business days to post to your account.

You'll be given an opportunity to complete or stop the transaction after the total amount of your payment including the convenience fee, has been calculated.

Bill Matrix Payment Methods


Credit (VISA, MasterCard, Discover) or Debit Card


Electronic Check



Pay online

Pay by credit/debit card or electronic check on the Bill Matrix website


Pay by phone

Call 1-855-763-6277


Report your payment if facing shut-off
Bill Matrix will provide a payment confirmation number for your records. If your payment is to avoid shut-off, connect or reconnect service, be sure to call NIPSCO DirectLink at 1-800-464-7726 before 10:00 pm the day before the scheduled termination and follow these steps to report the payment confirmation number:

About Bill Matrix's convenience fee
Bill Matrix is an authorized payment agent for NIPSCO but is not affiliated with NIPSCO. NIPSCO receives no portion of the fee, only the actual bill payment amount.

Your NIPSCO account will be credited only with the amount you specify to be paid on your utility bill, not including Bill Matrix's convenience fee.